Current Issues of doctoral studies in Slovakia

“Current Issues of doctoral studies in Slovakia” is the theme of the first Slovak PhD Forum, which will take place from 24 to 25 October 2013 in Campus Bottova MTF STU in Trnava.

The conference will address topics such as: employment conditions doctoral student, student versus employee status, employment rights and obligations of the candidate’s gender aspects, mobility options, research grants for doctoral position KEGA, VEGA and APW and part of the doctoral research and development, relationship educator – PhD, social status and social conditions doctoral student.

During the conference there will be a fruitful debate on the current status of doctoral studies in Slovakia, with the participation of representatives of various subjects and ideological streams. The main objective of the conference is to determine the current status of doctoral studies in Slovakia.

Association of graduates of Slovakia provides participants accommodation

The possibility of sending your applications is until 11 October 2013.

Important information and the possibility of registering:

Marcela Barčáková