Campus Europae

The European University Foundation – Campus Europae has been founded in 2003 with the aim to strengthen and accelerate the development of the European Higher Education Area by establishing concrete ways of cooperation between Higher Education Institutions.

In 2012, the network of Campus Europae is established in 15 countries, with 19 member Universities. The cooperation between the member Universities is mainly based on the exchange of students, guaranteeing a high-level experience for beneficiary students by means of:

Full recognition of studies abroad, through intense cooperation among Professors from various fields across the network. This is materialized through the creation of Subject Committees responsible for creating and updating matrices of course equivalences guaranteeing students the full recognition of ECTS points. The matrices of equivalences are available online to any student.

An extensive learning programme, which ranges from learning the language via an online learning platform to courses at the host University, ensuring that students can learn a language without any prior knowledge of the given language when deciding to go abroad.
Good provision of information through Pocket Guides, presenting each University, the availability of a living cost database and the contribution of Student Representatives in order to ensure that any student benefiting from the Campus Europae programme is well integrated in the local society.

The beneficiaries are awarded a Campus Europae Certificate provided that they stay abroad for a full academic year, get recognised at least 45 ECTS points by the home University and reach the B1 level in the language of the host country. A Campus Europae Degree is awarded in addition to the original degree, when the beneficiaries go abroad twice and fulfil the same criteria as for the Campus Europae Certificate. The Campus Europae Degree stands for students who are mobile, knowledgeable about the culture and language of several European countries and feel home across Europe!

Campus Europae is also a laboratory for mobility, creating high standards for student exchange. The last pilot programme which has been launched, allows mobile student to combine with their studies abroad a part-time placement of one full academic year, providing them with an additional grant (based on social criteria) and to get not only an academic and social but also professional integration in the host country. In this regard, the network is in contact with European stakeholders to disseminate results and contribute to the policy-making of the European Higher Education Area.

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Zuzana Križanová