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Conference on European citizenship and on 50 years anniversary of Elyzée Treaty

On Friday and on Saturday the 14th-15th of June a conference was organised focused on European citizenship and on 50 years anniversary of Treaty of Elyzée.  This event was organised by Representation of European Commission in Slovakia, by Information Office of European Parliament in Slovakia and by Pan European Union in Slovakia. the conference was held in a historical building of Bratislava city Gallery on Panská street.

Meeting eD in Bratislava

On sunny sunday members of eD had meeting in Bratislava. Drinking an ice tea, we discussed the basic points and plans.

Online conversation with Andrew Duff

Do you want to find out more about 2014 European elections? Join the online chat with Andrew Duff, a British liberal who is responsible for steering the recommendations through Parliament.

European Dialogue is “making its way” to the European parliament!

A representative of the European Dialogue is currently present in Strasbourg in order to participate on the meeting of the European Parliament and report about it to the readers of the eD. Redactor, Elena Krušková will provide you with first hand information from the Parliament, she will give updates on the plenary sessions, debates and interesting formal and informal interviews with MEPs aiming at developing closer relationship and interest of the general public into the matters of the EP.

Green Week Conference 2013

Green Week Conference has taken place from 4 to 7 June in the Egg Conference Center in Brussels.  It is the biggest conference dealing with European environment policy.

Learning about EU politics by experience

Project Model of European Parliament was founded in 1994 by the Model of European Parliament foundation with its headquarters in Haag. The aim is to provide opportunities for youth to have a look on processes of European integration and work mechanism of European institutions with their own experience. Project is being held in every EU member state, not excluding Slovakia. This year MEP is organizing by IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute after a break of several years.

Relationship between EU and Russia: summit in Yekaterinburg

On the 3rd and the 4th June the high summit on European- Russian relations is held in Yekaterinburg in Russian. Economic relations, international security, energetics and also mobility of citizens of EU and Russia are topics that are prepared to be discussed.

Voices of Turkey: Day Four

Throughout the last days the biggest demonstrations against government is taking place in many Turkish cities. Protesters are screaming out loud the slogans against government, day and night safeguarding Gezi Park and bravely resisting all the police attacks.

Prievidza in the heart of Europe

In Slovakia, we still have some young ambitious people who are not affraid to step aside of the path and show their qualities. One of them surely is Branislav Gibac, a student of Secondary specialized school of trade and services in Prievidza. It was Branislav who organized a student conference on the topic of “strenght in the heart of Europe” attended by many special guests.

We have met with Lieutenant General Olivier de Bavinchove, Commanding General of Eurocorps

Eurocorps are intergovernmental army forces of some European states. Participating states are Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Poland, Italy and Turkey. Head quarters are in Strasbourg. We attended the speech of Lieutenant General Olivier de Bavinchove, in the European Parliament that was talking about his mission in Afghanistan that finished after 15 months in January 2013.