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Erasmus+ Irish presidency decides upon the future of the programme

This week, the Irish presidency of the EU achieves an agreement on educational programme for youth and adults under the new frame Erasmus+. This new scheme within the frame 2014 – 2020 will replace the Lifelong Learning Programme and for the first time in history it will contain also sport activities and non-formal education activities as trainings.

Welcome Croatia! Dobro došla, Hrvatska!

Today 1 July 2013 after 8  years Croatia has officialy become a member of European Union.  For the members of European Dialogue this means a symbolic step by which the European Union shows, that even in this difficult times the European solidarity is the main pillar of this community by accepting a country that fulfills all the conditions. 

European Dialogue is “making its way” to the European parliament!

A representative of the European Dialogue is currently present in Strasbourg in order to participate on the meeting of the European Parliament and report about it to the readers of the eD. Redactor, Elena Krušková will provide you with first hand information from the Parliament, she will give updates on the plenary sessions, debates and interesting formal and informal interviews with MEPs aiming at developing closer relationship and interest of the general public into the matters of the EP.

How the EU Solidarity Fund participates in natural disasters …

Currently suffering the countries of Central Europe floods which troubled Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia. Media every day and hour by hour provides information about the current situation. In a number of different agencies and online media, distorting news came out yesterday about the EU Solidarity Fund, as regards aid for floods in Central Europe. Expressed doubts about its ability to provide the necessary resources that State.