CRONOPIOS IDIOMAS – A new approach to Spanish

What would you imagine if I said a language school? A Strict teacher, many dictionaries, books and manuals or learning as a form of entertainment? I would imagine Cronopios Idiomas.

Young and motivated teachers who try to make from learning a fun. I would imagine people who have created a project of a new type of language school. Nobody is a boss and everybody collaborate. As one of the founders , Pedro, says: „We are all one team and we maily focus on the quality of teaching and an individual approach to our students.“ These young professors create everyday classes that consider individual needs of each students and not vice versa. In the same time the lectures are programmed and structured according to Instituto Cervantes and structured according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for language skills). All teachers are highly qualified, motivated and have extensive academic experience.

“The most important is a communication. Communication between teachers, pupils and between each other,” says Eugenia. One of the ways how to achieve that learning a foreign language is more effective is students´ socialization through social and cultural activities in the classroom or beyond. “There is nothing better than to take a part in our cultural workshops and thus strengthen their communication skills in a relaxed atmosphere right in the heart of Spain.” Adds Mario, who organizes a weekly excursion around the center of Madrid. A little history, legends, monuments including tasting Spanish cuisine etc. Because it belongs to methods of teaching too. In addition Cronopios Idiomas gives an opportunity to encourage your learning; for example with cooking classes, spanish combined with Flamenco or in a connection with a photo course.

Cronopios Idiomas and company social responsibility (CSR)

Cronopios believe in social economy and in the cooperation with other organizations. Therefore, they are developing several social initiative projects around the school:

  • Cronopios Idiomas Headquarters, placed in the center of Madrid, welcome an exhibition space for free, as a help for artists and creators.
  • As a part of cooperativism spirit, we will give some free space in our school to other cooperatives, to do training courses, meetings and other activities.
  • Nowadays in Madrid the number of people who cannot afford the payment of their home is increasing. Cronopios Idiomas is developing an accommodation network that will pay attention to this people and their needs, students can live with these families at a reasonable price and thereby contribute to the family economy and vice versa, families integrate students and allow them to fully inmersion into Spanish atmosphere.
  • Cronopios promote free courses for people who cannot afford the cost of tuition through the use of places that remain unoccupied on courses. The spread of this grant will be conducted through social centers and associations.

If you are interested in a language course or for more info about any cooperation with Cronopios Idiomas, please visit the website:

Miroslav Hajnoš