Citizens’ Dialogue in Košice (5.10.2013)

The event will take place in October 2013 in Košice, Slovakia. Join the debate with EU Commissioner for Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration Maroš Šefčovič.

You can register to attend this debate in person or participate online during the event via this website, where you can watch the live stream and make comments.

Alternatively, submit comments by using the Twitter hashtag #EUdeb8. You can also submit comments on debate topics using Facebook.

This dialogue is one of series the Commission is holding in cities in every EU country, giving ordinary people an opportunity to speak directly to EU politicians about their rights, the kind of Europe they want to live in, and expectations for the European Union.

We have asked the EU Commissioner  Mr. Maroš  Šefčovič, why should young people participate on Citizens’ Dialogue in Košice.

The European Union provides its member countries with many advantages. Young Europeans in particular can profit from the possibility to travel or go to study without any restriction or frontier control to any European country. Moreover, they can participate on interesting internships in the European institutions. In the last months the EU has changed fundamentally. A completion of economic and monetary union or a creation of a banc union: these are the topics which are being discussed intensively on the European ground. Especially young people in Slovakia who we can call for the first time in the history “EU natives” should be actively involved in these discussions. Therefore I am very pleased that on October 5 I will get the chance to speak about all these topics also with You, young Europeans from Slovakia, at the occasion of citizens´ dialogue in Kosice. I am looking forward to a constructive debate and interesting questions of yours.What are the dialogues about?

They follow a call by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso for an EU-wide debate on proposals to deepen Economic and Monetary Union, and to create a legitimate political union.

“There must be a broad debate all over Europe. A debate of truly European dimension,” he said. “We cannot continue trying to solve European problems just with national solutions. This debate has to take place in our societies and among our citizens”.

The debates are part of the 2013 European Year of Citizens: an entire year dedicated to your rights as a European citizen.

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Miroslav Hajnoš

Source: EC and Cabinet of Šefčovič