Dorde Dordevic: Our participants can expect that they will gain a deeper insight into how the EU actually works

Dorde Dordevic, Chief Project Manager of Model European Union 2013 in Belgrade answered a few questions about this year’s simulation of the European Union in Belgrade, which each year welcomes more and more participants from whole the world. If you are still hesitating whether to sign or not, read the interview and decide. You have time until 15 September 2013.

Why should young people participate in BEUM 2013?
A large number of young people who are studying or have even graduated at the Faculty of Social Sciences, during their studies have not practices where they could apply their theoretical knowledge. This is especially critical if one studies the cumbersome and complicated organizations like the EU, which are always changing. BEUM 2013 provides just that opportunity – young people in a practical way could manifest what they learned at the university, and taught them many things which in the book would never have been available. We, as organizers BEUM 2013, believe that knowledge is gained and reinforces the best in practice, which is, as we believe, our simulation ideal choice for young people across Europe. An additional benefit is the networking with colleagues and young leaders from whole continent, the exchange of ideas and development of personal skills.

Among several MEU in Europe, why should I decide for MEU in Belgrade?
What emphasize BEUM is definitely a wealth of experience of the organizing team, an extremely positive impression of our previous participants, the high realism of the simulation and the conference rooms that is actually used for decision making – the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. The importance of this simulation was also recognized by the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Serbia, which is financially supported BEUM 2013.
When we first started BEUM in 2011, it was one of the first projects of the partner student organizations Bringing Europeans Together Association, which organizes the most prestigious and oldest model of the EU in Strasbourg. Thanks to their help, and our dedication BEUM is today, by the number of participants and the number of simulated body, one of the largest simulation of the EU in the world and stands shoulder to shoulder with the first and the original model of the EU in Strasbourg.

What should young people expect?
Our participants can expect that they will gain a deeper insight into how the EU actually works, they will learn the procedure for the adoption of EU law, will learn about the most pressing issues that the EU does, but also will gain a lot of professional and personal contacts that will surely spell the future. Also, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Serbian capital of Belgrade and all its charms, including the famous nightlife.

From how many countries do you expect participants?
Although the application is still in progress, we have received applications from over 35 different countries. We expect that by the end of the application period we have participants from over 40 countries. We are proud of the fact that each year in the number of countries from which the participants come to us has a significant increase. So in 2011 we had participants from 20 countries, in 2012 of 30 years, and this year, we expect participants from 40 countries.

Preparations are underway. Is everything prepared?
Much of the work has already been completed and remained behind. All professional materials are ready, and is currently finalizing logistical arrangements. We are very pleased that our Fundraising and PR teams done a great job, so we have this year, financially supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Serbia, and so far we have recorded over 40 media appearances. Rooms are ready, accommodation is ready, the materials are ready, so we are just waiting for participants to travel to Belgrade.

More information and registration HERE.

Marcela Barčáková

Photo: Model European Union 2013 in Belgrade