Grab the chance and spend 5 amazing days in Zagreb on MEUZ 2014!

The application process of Model European Union Zagreb 2014 lasts for just one more week, until the 1st of February, so don’t forget to send your application on time! Model European Union Zagreb (MEUZ) is a simulation of the decision-making process by the European Union institutions held yearly in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

It is designed as an interactive and innovative non-formal educational program applying a specific methodology common to all „Models“ (Model United Nations, Model International Criminal Court, Model European Union). MEUZ 2013 was the first MEU held in Croatia. It was the first simulation-based project organized by Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication (HERMES).

Application guide

This application guide will help you to successfully complete the application process for Model European Union Zagreb 2014.

Individuals eligible for applying are young people aged between 18 and 30.

Application guide provides you with the following:

  1. Completing the application form
  2. Materials you will need to support you application
  3. Meeting the appropriate application deadlines
  4. The decision-making process for applications

1) Completing the application form

When filling out the application form, bear in mind that you can apply for one or two of the following roles:

  • a. Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
  • b. Minister of the Council of the European Union
  • c. Journalist
  • d. Lobbyist

In the application forms you will find a list of questions regarding your personal data, education and preferences regarding participation in MEUZ. You need to answer these questions in order for your application to be processed.

There are three different application forms: delegate (MEP or minister), journalist and lobbyist application form. If you are applying for the role of an MEP or the role of a minister, you should download and fill out the corresponding application form and send it to Likewise, if you are applying for the journalist role, you should fill out the journalist application form, and for a lobbyist fill out the lobbyist application form.

If your 1st and 2nd choice are both delegate positions (e.g. your 1st choice is MEP and your 2nd choice is minister), you should fill only one form, the one for the delegates. However, if your two choices require different application forms (e.g. your 1st choice is MEP but your 2nd choice is journalist), you should fill out both of the forms. It is not necessary to fill in your personal information in both applications.

2) Materials you will need to support your application

In addition to the above mentioned information, in order for your application to be complete, you will need to:

  • a. write an essay (except for the journalist role in which case you have to write an article)
  • b. send us your CV
  • c. write a motivation letter (this is not necessary, but raises your chance of getting desired position/role)

For your essay you should choose one of the provided topics in accordance with your preferred choice. If you are applying for the MEP or minister role, you should choose between three topics and write an essay on the chosen one. If you are applying for the journalist role, the essay is replaced by a more suitable task for that role (depending of what type of a journalist you will be). If you are applying for the lobbyist role, you have to choose between four small topics as well as other tasks.

Your motivation letter should give us an idea why you would be a good candidate for MEUZ and show your motivation for participation (max 500 words). As mentioned, it is only optional.
Your CV should be a structured overview of your educational achievements and extra-curricular activities. We accept all forms of CV.
All of these documents have to be in English.

3) Meeting the appropriate application deadlines

We kindly ask you to be attentive of the deadlines provided as application sent after the deadline will not be taken into account. You should fill your application forms no later then 1st of February.

4) The decision-making process for application

Your applications will be assessed based on your essay, motivation letter and CV. The essay is the most important part of your application and will be evaluated first. It shows us your understanding of the EU and the issues presented as well as your argumentative writing and research skills. Motivation letter and CV will be assessed if the essay qualifies.


More info:

We offer you two participation fee options, just mention in the application which one do you want:

  1. 45 EUR which includes lunch for four days, coffee breaks, conference materials, various workshops, incitement program, guided tour, welcome packages, organised social program, etc.
  2. 20 EUR which does not include lunch

Grab the chance and spend 5 amazing days in Zagreb on MEUZ 2014!

Marcela Barčáková