Erasmus +: better support, more possibilities


Slovakia belongs to those member states of the EU, where the interest for international mobility continuously rises. In the last academic year 2865 Slovakian students used the opportunity of international exchange that program Erasmus offers.

“Erasmus for all” or “Yes Europe” were the competitors of the new name of the program. From now on, the winning label Erasmus + is going to cover all current education subprograms (Comenius, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Youth in Action), and for the first time it will also include the support for sport „grassroot“ activities. MEP Katarína Neveďalová, as the shadow rapporteur for negotiations with European Commission and the former Irish Presidency in the Council informed about this novelty on a press conference that took place in European Information Center in Bratislava on 9th July. „Education program Erasmus+ will improve employability of young people as well as it will open new windows of opportunity for them. Through this program we will be able to ensure that also Slovaks will get more possibilities to expand their skills, foreign language knowledge and to gain experiences that should improve their position on the job market, “declared Neveďalová.

Its added value will be according to the MEP the fact, that from now on there will be only one program under which the candidates can apply for financial support, whereas the number of those that will obtain the grants should double. Erasmus + will support initiatives worth 16 billion Euros and will facilitate international mobility, internships or voluntary service for more than 4 million Europeans. Program, which reflects the unfavorable situation on the job market, is going to focus on mobility, cooperation and political reforms. Good news is according to the MEP also the special loan that students can use to cover Master studies abroad, with the possibility of suspension of repayments and eventually, based on decision of member states, also possibility of income limit only after reaching which, the loan can be repaid.

Press Conference

On this opportunity the head on Information office of EP in Slovakia Robert Hajšel also presented the findings of Eurobarometer about the situation of young people and the possible influence of crisis on the EP voter turnout. According to him the participation of young Slovaks in the EP elections (13%) is comparing to national elections (51%) alarmingly low.

Martina Topercerová