European dialogue you could already hear …

European Dialogue perspective attitude was already in the two radios and it isn´t over. On the contrary it´s just begining. Our first hosting was on the radio Aetter – the university radio in Trnava. Invitation to the morning show adopted members of the project Anna Ragančíková and Filip Sekan who approached the functioning of the entire project as a whole, style of work, actions and events in which we participate in and goals, which we hold. The whole morning show was in relaxed student atmosphere with good music, where we took over the project in the form of discussions, and drew in each of its areas.

We also have the presentation of European dialogue on the radio Regina in Banska Bystrica, where Anna Ragančíková member of the project approached the main goals of the project, it´s features, members and e-magazine, which is unique magazine in Slovakia. We believe will soon also in printed form. She explained that due to low awareness of what is happening in the European Union joined a group of young people who choose to engage and thus tackle the problem at present, which is the fact that many of the young people and students are more negatives to groupings such as European Union. That is why we try extract all the best in this unique community culture for better future and help the nation, EU but also us – youth.

We clarify the goals and vision for the future of this project and at the same time we made further steps towards better information to which you also continue to encourage and from us you will receive a wealth of information on various projects, internships, conferences and competitions in which they can participate either school, group or individual. So let´s join too!

Anna Ragančíková