European Dialogue on PRESS seminar in Presov

Members of the European dialogue prospective attitude Elena Krušková, Miroslav Hajnoš and Anna Ragančíková participated in a PRESS seminar for journalists in Presov 17 May, where the guests were also two Slovak MEPs Miroslav Mikolášik and Monika Smolkova.

The main topic was the issue of the budget and EU funds. Members of the European Parliament (EP) to give the issue more closely, they get Slovak regions of EU funds in the next seven years, how Slovakia uses resources from EU funds and why the European Parliament puts conditions for adopting the EU budget. The topics are both interesting and engaging manner or presentation expressed both of MEPs.

Current topic as well as the EP elections are likely to take place in May 2014. Robert Hajšel – chairman of EP Information Office (IKEP) in Slovakia is more on the conduct of elections to the EP preparation for the event and the activities of the EP Information Office in Slovakia, which will be carried out before and during the elections.

,, I agree with claiming that many EU citizens is far from european topics, and that is why massmedia should prepare common concept how specifically inform our citizens, “said the President of European dialogue of perspective attitude – Miroslav Hajnoš.

Zuzana Tučeková – journalist and Sona Miháliková Mellak – Press Attaché EP Information Office in Slovakia, we approached the issue as more informed about European politics of the region. Based on the presentation we had a chance to see what it looks like in the Press Centre during the summit, attended by Slovak journalists, as well as Zuzana Tučeková.

The presentations and workshop was space for open discussion in which we dealt mainly budget and the process of obtaining EU funds and grants from the EU. The whole event took place in close company and a very pleasant atmosphere and re-aroused in us the belief that inform people, and especially young people, about the possibilities offered by the EU, is very important. Therefore, the European dialogue of perspective attitude will continue in informing people about european topics, which can also be found at:

PRESS seminar in Presov

Elena Krušková and Anna Ragančíková with member of EP Miroslav Mikolášik

Miroslav Hajnoš with member of EP Monikou Smolkovou

Anna Ragančíková