Juvenes Translatores: a translation contest for secondary school

These days has started a registration to the next session of translation contest for secondary school. What is it? Secondary schools can register their students into the translation contest organized by the European Commission. It has been organized since 2007.

Juvenes Translatores is the only one competition, where high school students can test their translation abilities and knowledges in any of the official languages of European Union. This year will be the first opportunity to translate from/to Croatian because of Croatia has become another member state of EU since July 2013.

The main aim of competition is to bring visibility to the interpeter profession among young people. The competition will be held on 28 November. Main topic will be „European year of citizens“ dedicated to this year 2013.

The only students born in 1996 can participate in a competition! Winners will attend the awards ceremony in Brussells on 8 April 2014.

Deadline for applications is 20 October.

More information HERE.

Filip Sekan