Single market month – your ideas can change europe

For over twenty years the Single Market has affected the daily lives of people across Europe. Since the creation of the Single Market in 1992, there has been a gradual elimination of barriers to the free movement of workers, goods, services and capital. However, obstacles remain, and the EU is working to remove them, as well as to strengthen the social market economy. What still needs to be done to improve the Single Market?

Single Market Month, taking place on 23 September – 23 October and covering online debates in 24 languages, will open a dialogue between you and EU leaders and experts about what action you believe should be taken.

The exercise will start by collecting policy ideas from stakeholders and people on the ground. These will then be debated online by people from the world of EU policymaking, individuals, businesses and organisations. The month will be capped by a televised debate examining the most concrete and consistent solutions to the main issues directly affecting the lives of citizens and businesses all over Europe. The entire exercise will allow EU leaders to better understand the situation on the ground and to promote initiatives and ideas that will improve the functioning of the Single Market.

The four main themes of the online debates are; “Working and doing business in Europe”; the debate “Your social protection rights in the Single Market,” will highlight your rights as a worker addressing pension and healthcare rights; “Europe, the Banks and You,” will put the spotlight on what more could be done to protect your deposits and prevent another financial crisis; the discussion “Buying, selling, and communicating online” will focus on online retail and consumer rights. Each of these debates will take place during one week of the Single Market Month.

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Miroslav Hajnoš

Source: PR