Young people say no to residence notice duty of citizens of slovak republic

After the amendment of the statute that regulates residence notice and registration of the citizens has entered into the force, the acute discussion were enraptured enter the population of the Slovak republic. The amendment settled the notification duty of the citizens in case they plan to travel abroad for more than 90 days.

Most of the citizens object the intervention into the basis right, freedom of the movement, based on the character of the adopted amendment. The notice obligation is linked with the right of the state to impose a sanction, fine in case of breaking a duty. Citizens mostly prefer the voluntary performance of the posed duty: ,,I understand why state consider notification duty appropriate, but it express the exclusive will of the citizen. In case the citizen will not notify his actual residence, state is not entitled to impose a fine. It is the sole fault of the citizen who lives abroad, if state fails to inform him about the execution of his property. I also prefer the other way of communication for example through e-mail enter the citizen who live abroad and the Slovak office, that is obliged to contact him in need.

On the other hand, supporters of the amendment express as advantage the easier procedure of the state in determining the actual residence of the citizens. Sometimes it is difficult for state institutions to recognize the actual residence of the citizen abroad, that is necessary to know for important scripts, doses delivery or to find the location of the person who left abroad with the purpose to avoid performing his/her duties in Slovak republic. Like this Ministry of intern affairs is clearly informed about actual place of stay of citizens: ,,I guess its gonna be easier to find out whether Slovak citizens were also injured in case of the tragedy caused abroad.“

After the adoption of the amendment we could also hear about lots of letters and e-mails addressed to the Ministry of inter affairs, where citizens in a funny way expressed their actual place of stay and activities connected with that. That is why we have decided to prepare a little public opinion research and to find out your point of view: ,,Yes or no for residence notice duty of the citizens of the Slovak republic.“ 227 of 251 citizens of the Slovak republic, mostly students at the age 21-29, express critical opinion of the amendment mentioned above: ,,The amendment of the statute is not based on relevant practical examples. I guess students will be the most touched part of the population of the Slovak republic; they are travelling, studying, working or doing their practice abroad. The system should be more liberal and after making a research with the foreign students or workers in Slovakia, there is no other country with the same regulation. Why Slovak republic should be different in regulating the area of residence notice of the citizens? Why there is no such regulation in our brotherhood, Czech Republic?”

We would like to thank all participants of the public opinion research, for all positive and negative statements. Results of the public opinion research, that clearly presents that the greater part of the young population in the Slovak republic disagree with mentioned amendment and present critical point of view, will be next week together with open letter and appeal for review or amend send to Ministry of inter affair.