We owe young people good ideas, courage and prompt action

EU institutions face a test of their credibility by failing to act on promised reforms, warned Martin Schulz. The EP president spoke out at the opening of the EU summit dedicated to tackling youth unemployment, which takes place in Brussels on 27-28 June.

Mr Schulz was concerned about the failure to tackle youth unemployment. “It is simply unacceptable that young people should be paying with their life chances for a crisis for which they are entirely blameless,” he said, adding: “What we, the current generation of politicians, owe these young people are good ideas, courage and prompt action in order to generate growth at long last.” Mr Schulz said the most effective means of creating jobs and thus combating youth unemployment was economic growth.

An agreement on the EU’s long-term budget that offers flexibility and additional funds for priorities such as the fight against youth unemployment and research and investment in small and medium-sized companies should also prove vital, said Mr Schulz. A provisional deal on this was reached on Thursday and the EP president called on the Council to back it.

Miroslav Hajnoš

Source: European Parliament
Photo: European Parliament