Youth unemployment – the lost generation?

A special edition of Forum explores possible solutions to the bane of youth unemployment in Europe. Can work be found for the youth of today or has a generation truly been lost? Nearly 25 % of young people under 25 are unemployed in Europe. One in four young people.

Debate with five MEPs and one jounalist.

Youth Guarantee

European Commission was supposed to introduce a package of recommendations for Member States connected to implementation of the Youth Guarantee instrument. The aim was to guarantee quality job opportunities, continuance of education or internships within 4 moths after graduating high school or university for young people up to 25 and graduates up to 30. Simply said, if you had not succeed finding a job within 4 months after your graduation, this project should help you.

Employed ones whou would lose their jobs because of the unfortunate reality of our times could use this project to help them after 4 months of unemployment. To this scheme belongs also consultations in order to improve graduate internships, as well as enhanced support for mobilities.

I would like to point out that in the 2011 there was 7.5 million unemployed people. Which means that the unemployment costs European economy more than 150 billion euros. Total cost for implementing this Youth Guarantee in each country should not be more that 21 billion euros.

Many people in a business sector are against this Youth Guarantee as they claim that the EU should not help to create artificial jobs. That it might cause a distortion of a labour market in Europe.

Miroslav Hajnoš

Source: EuroparlTV