Night owls in Vienna about security and cooperation

OSCE Security days 2013 is a conference organised by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation held between 17th-18th of June in Vienna. The conference will host experts in the field from academia, think tanks, civil society, and the media.

The theme of this year’s conference is the role of the OSCE in the 21st century, analysing current security needs, challenges, but also to share new thinking, inovative solutions and exploring new tools to promote dialogue and co-operation. Part of security days will be also the event Night Owl Session. Here the focus will be on young people who are creating security in their communities thought social media. Topic of the panel discussion will be How social media (and other online tools) can change our world. Featured speakers will be Jonne Catshoek from the Netherlands, founder and director of the online platform ELVA, that enables organisations to co-operate with communities, to map local needs and advocate change. ELVA works on the basis of open source and its for free. The second speaker will be Lucas Nielsen, founder of musical activism RAPOLITICS in Denmark. The vision of this NGO is to empower youth to express themselves and be active with creative focus on artistic expression, rap, communication and raising of democratic awareness.The third speaker is Marija Novkovic, specialist for open government partnership in United Nations Development Programme in Montenegro. Marija Novkovic focuses on anti-corruption, transparency and integrity. The last panel speaker is Tadas Langaitis, founder of and Chairman of the foundation Civic Responsibility Foundation, which is focusing on development of a filantrophic culture in Lituania.

The panel disscusion will take place in Vienna on 17th of May between 7pm-9pm.You can join the discussion online via social media and live web-casting. If you wanna be a part of the discussion and ask questions, you can do so via Twitter account @OSCE, using hashtag #secdays.

You can connect with the speakers via their Twitter account:

  • Jonne Catshoek @ElvaTeam
  • Lucas Nielsen @LucasNielsenX
  • Ms. Marija Novkovic @MariaNovkovic
  • Mr. Tadas Langaitis @tadaslangaitis

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