Do you want to become a member?

If you are interested in participating in activities of the civil association – European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude, you are a young man/woman interested in the European Union matters and you have ideas that could help us in achieving our goals, SEND your CV and a cover letter to the address of the Secretariat of the ED:

  • Katarína Adamcová,

Successful candidates would be contacted as soon as possible. If you are interested just in writing articles on our website or to the E-magazine, we offer you a possibility to become a “contributor”.

1. Active membership

An active member participates in activities of the  EDPA, contributes with articles published on our official website as well as to the EDPA online magazine. Active member helps with promoting the main ideas of the EDPA and by his/her work tries to increase the potential of the  EDPA.

Applicant for an active membership must meet these conditions:

  • fill an application form and send it at the address mentioned above
  • during first three months prove his/her interest by writing articles and by active participation to the activities of the EDPA
  • after 3 month period the EDPA reserves the right to decide on accepting an applicant to become an active member. This decision leads to all rights and obligations, same as to founding members.
  • an applicant becomes an active member after an approval of his/her membership by the Presidency and after realisation of a membership fee.

2. Contributor

A contributor is a person that is interested only in the contribution of articles to E-magazine, possibly at the official website of the association. He/she does not hold rights and obligations that flow from an active membership. He/she is not obliged to participate actively in activities of the association, but he/she is obliged to act in compliance with the mission of the association. A condition to grant a status of a “contributor” is met after 3 month contribution of articles and afterwards by an approval of a status of “contributor” by the Presidency.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretariat, namely Ms Katarína Adamcová at: