Working Groups

The European Dialogue has four working groups. These groups are focused on areas, that we do consider important. Every working group has one managing Head that manages, leads and monitors the whole working group. Every one member of the European Dialogue may be a member of just one working group. These groups cooperate and communicate together.

Working group LAW [PRAV]

Working group LAW is focused on bringing closer legal questions and problems in the European Union, mainly the legislative procedure of the EU, it´s legal system and rights and obligations of member states, citizens and organisations, as well as general principles of law of the EU including jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the EU. A part of work of the working group LAW will be also an analysis of legal area of human rights, adopted measures to secure their respect, including their real exercise in member states, as well as informing about activities of the European Ombudsman.

Veronika Vaseková

Head of the working group PRAV

Working group : Economy and IT [EKIT]

This working group deals with current questions and issues that are connected with the economy and economics of the EU and its member states. Last, but not least topics would be also a regulation of financial markets and banking. More often we do hear about IT security, e-Governance etc. That is why the goal of this working group is to inform about those topics that may help readers to orientate in this area even more, when economic and technologic knowledge is very useful in these days.

Lukáš Okál

Head of the working group EKIT

Working group: Politics of the EU and Institutions of the EU [POIN]

The third Working group – Politics of the EU and Institutions of the EU deals with questions oriented to actual politics of the the EU and their application in real life. At the same time it monitors decision-making procedures in the frame of European institutions. This group also tries to bring closer these institutions towards citizens.

Filip Sekan

Head of the working group POIN

Working group: Education, culture and social affairs [VZSO]

THE Working group – Education, culture and social affairs provides information mainly concerning individual educational programmes and other possibilities of supplementary education offered by the EU and its member states to young people. It focuses on sharing information about various types of internships that may increase competitiveness of applicants on labour market. This working group informs also about news from different areas of social life of the youth, mainly in the area of culture, information about interesting events, seminars and conferences.

Júlia Marcinčinová


Head of the working group VZSO