PRESS seminar in Ruzomberok

On monday 27th of May was in Ruzomberok third and also last PRESS seminar. The guests were two MEPs, Miroslav Mikolasik and Vladimir Manka, chairman of EP Information Office (IKEP) Robert Hajsel and other dear guests. We discussed about crisis in EU, EP elections and how to inform the public about happenings in EU.

Two members of the European Dialogoue of Perspective Attitude Anna Ragancikova and David Hlusko participated on it.

The first topic was about crisis in EU. Zuzana Gabrizova, managing editor of, talked about countries, which need to be rescued and are close to bancrupt. In presentation she explained how euroval works, what is Slovak contribution of it and prevention to eliminate a next crisis.

Member of the European Parliament, Vladimir Manka thinks instability is caused by different approach to supporting euroval and he can see solution in deeper integration of union states, what will become soon.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) talked about spending EU funds too. This year ends period for spending EU funds, at the end of march was just 42% spent, what says about a weak potential of spending it. Too much caution of people and companies and lack of courage to make new innovative projects are the reasons of the situation.

An another actual topic is EP elections, which will be held in all member states of the European Union (EU) between 22 and 25 May 2014. Chairman of EP Information Office (IKEP) in Slovakia, Robert Hajsel together with Soňou Mihálikovou Mellak, Press Attaché EP Information Office talked about a plans of IKEP regarding to EP eleciotns and about way of informing the public about this occasion. The IKEP wants to attract more electors and want to achieve higher participation on EP elections by many activities and promotion. EP Information Office has got 40% less finances than last time.

How media “does not inform” about european politics from regions debated publicist Michal Havran, who pointed to weaknesses in communication between media and public. It was mentioned, that almost half of Slovaks feel to be informed enough about their rights, but just a minority use them.

The seminar pointed to how important is to be informed about happenings in EU, EP and citizens’ rights. You can find many helpful informations on IKEP website, on our website and many others.

David Hluško, Anna Ragančíková with MEP Miroslav Mikolašík

participants of seminar.

David Hluško