Chair applications for Model of European Union now open!

Are you interested in European politics? Would you like to share your enthusiasm for debating about European Politics with more than 150 young people from Europe? Do you want to be the President directly in European Parliament in Strasbourg in France? Do not hesitate, apply and become a President or Vice President of the European Parliament.

Model European Union 2014 weekly simulation of European policy. Uniqueness of the environment in which the simulation takes place is that it is in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Realisation is most likely in March 2014.

What should you meet, respectively. what are you responsible for?

  • maintenance of order in Parliament and in the Council,
  • ensure that the rules were followed and respected,
  • ensure that each member of the Parliament and each minister in the Council have the same right to speak and to answer questions,
  • Ensure that the discussions took place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and that rights are not violated.
  • maintain the level of formality of the conference.

But most important is that the President and Vice President of the MEU 2014 has been able to inspire and motivate their colleagues, participants and also that discussions flow smoothly and on time, and also to make MEU 2014 a great success and rewarding experience for everyone.

If you are interested in this position, apply by sending your CV and application (Application Form) to email Thomas Kramer to 13 September 2013.

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Marcela Barčáková