Project “Hello Europe” will bring connection

Aim of this project is to create direct contact between Europeans by means of large-scale communication. For a short moment of time, Europe will appear to be one big city. A place where people are just a few steps removed from each other. Seems impossible? Absolutely not.

During two weeks we will place large viewing screens at central locations in large European cities. The screens, build in large shipping containers, are six meters long and two meters tall. Two screens will be connected during each dialogue. Viewers standing in front of one screen can see and hear people standing in front of another screen. This way public spaces will be virtually merged into one. Every thirty minutes the connections will change and different cities will be brought into contact. This takes place 24/7.

We asked some questions to Senne Dehandschutter, the one of the creator of the project Hello Europe.

What have inspired you to create your idea Hello Europe?
The concept is based on the idea that we Europeans don’t know each other very well. This continent is not one of the biggest, we all have good internet connection, we have good highways, good public transportation and still we are not realy connected. Or not as much as we could be. Still we are condemned to one another, for example economically. In hard times like these we cannot afford to be condemned to one another without speaking to one another. To be clear, this is not a commercial for the EU. We would love to include non EU European countries. We do not have a political message. In fact, we have no messages at all, other that ‘connection’.

What kind of message would you like to leave to young people by project Hello Europe?
No message at all :-) . They have to decide what the message should be. The only message we have is ‘connect’.

Can you explain us in more details the technical background of Hello Europe?
The past several months we researched the technical aspect. It will not be easy, but it is doable. The main challenge is the perspective. We can not just use one camera to capture the people that stand before a screen. We will have to use a row of cameras. These images will have to be merged into one big image.

What will be the next steps after 2 weeks of live screening in large european cities?
haha, It depends on the success we had. Once the technical aspect is developed, the possibilities are endless… Hello World?

Offical Website click HERE.

Miroslav Hajnos with collaboration Senne Dehandschutter