ROCK THE UNION! An interesting project to encourage greater participation in the 2014 European Parliament elections.

Every five years the European Union citizens elect their representatives – Members of the European Parliament, who represent their interests at European level. The European Parliament elections are characterized by ever-decreasing voter turnout. Interestingly, the participation of Slovak citizens in the European Parliament elections in 2009 was the lowest among all the Member States of the European Union. There are several factors that influence the election turnout, one of them is undoubtedly the voters indifference about European union matters, and at the same time lack of public awareness on activity and importance of the European Parliament in the system of European institutions.

With the upcoming elections a number of initiatives are being established in order to increase voters participation, particularly by informing themselves of the elections, as well as the European Parliament functioning. One of such initiatives, that is also very creative one, is the project called Rock the Union!

The project, organized by a small group of EU enthusiasts, sets out the primary objective to raise awareness about the upcoming elections in 2014. Hans Mund, as the founder of this initiative, along with other 5 young people launch the Rock the Union Tour project where the team members will travel for 9 months (from mid-September 2013 to mid-May 2014) in old English Double-decker to all 28 member states of the European Union in order to:

  • discuss the European matters with citizens at the local level,
  • discuss the importance of European Parliament elections for the future of Europe,
  • promote the significance of voters participation in elections,
  • give citizens a chance to send their message to candidates in European Parliament elections in 2014.

If you found the main idea of the project interesting, there are several possibilities how to get involved in it. You can express your interest in a number of ways, for example by:

  • promoting the project among friends
  • participating in the project as a partner with your organization
  • helping with fundraising
  • meeting the team members during the 9-month tour and engage in discussions on various European issues (for this purpose see the map bus stops within the particular Member States, the Slovakian cities that will host this initiative are Bratislava and Kosice)
  • joining the team and sharing project idea across Europe.

European dialogue prospective attitude, as a partner of this project, will keep you informed of the initiative progress. In case of interest in cooperating, please feel free to contact us or directly the founders of the project on the official project webpage HERE.

Despite the fact, that a given initiative has already been supported and, as we assume, will be supported by several European leaders, the initiative disassociate from supporting any political party or candidate within the European Parliament elections 2014.

Katarína Adamcová