Year 2012: 40 000 000 articles for cca. 1 bil. €

Every year, the European Commission publishes a report describing the customs detentions of articles suspected of infringing intellectual property rights (IPR), such as trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Statistics published on 5 August 2013 by the European Commission show a continuation of the trend of the high number of shipments suspected of violating intellectual property rights. In 2012, almost 90,000 detention cases were registered by Customs.

The high number of detentions is caused by the high number of small parcels in express and postal traffic, most probably as a result of internet sales. As far as the almost 40 million detained articles are concerned, the value of the equivalent genuine products is estimated to be just below 1 billion euro.

Cigarettes are at the top of the list of detained articles (31%), followed by other goods (such as bottles, lamps, glue, batteries, washing powder) and packaging materials. Products for daily use (i.e. body care articles, medicines, toys, electrical household goods) accounted for 12,7% of the total number of detained articles.

China continued to be the main source country from where IPR infringing goods were shipped to the EU but for certain product sectors other countries were the main provenance like Morocco for foodstuffs or Hong Kong, China for other tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes and their liquid fillings. In year 2012 Slovakia detained 235 579 articles in 78 cases.

For full report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights visit HERE.

Monika Rafajová

Source: European Commission
Photo: Credit © European Union, 2013