Romeo and Juliet performed by the European dialogue

Have you seea a famous theater performance Romeo and Juliet? No? Members of the European dialogue promised to play this glorious game, in case at least 10 000 people support the initiative Fraternité 2020.

I will be a difficult task, since 9 000 signatures are still missing. We realize we can only handle it with your support. Do not hesitate and support this good idea.

Fraternité 2020 (F2020) is European civic initiative proposing three measures to promote mobility:

  1. Making more funds available for EU exchange programmes
  2. Making sure programmes develop more skills among the participants
  3. Tracking progress in the field of mobility through better monitoring

If you are a student, this initiative directly affects you. Mobility, exchange programs, European volunteering, both formal and informal education are very important in one`s lifelong learning process, it helps young people in their carrer process and at the same time it contributes to ones personal growth.

Miroslav Hajnoš, the chairman of the European Dialogue, said in this context: “We have to realize that the Europe´s future is based on the priorities for Youth. Therefore should we, the young people of Europe who care about the future, muster all our strengths and support collectively the European Citizens’ Initiative Fraternite 2020. By having done this we will prove to the society that we care about the common, stable and perspective Europe. The real education such as an international mobility and volunteering is crucial for the creation of a modern youth who participates actively in the public affairs.”

The European dialogue members have supported this initiative, now it’s your turn! The theater performance Romeo and Juliet will be as a reward for your active step.

In order to learn more about the initiative, or to support it, please click HERE.

Facebook Event HERE.

Filip Sekan