The seminar for journalists : “Current problems within the European Union. Test of courage and intellect”

An Economic crisis, an unemployment, a poor competitiveness of small and medium enterprises, an insufficient spending of EU funds and many other current problems, not only within European Union, are subject to various debates at national and international level. The same topics were discussed at the training of journalists, which took place on 25th-26th April in High Tatras. The event was organized by the European Commission Representation in Slovakia in cooperation with the Economic Policy Institute.

The aim of this two-day seminar, as it can be seen from the topic of the seminar “Current problems within the European Union. Test of courage and intellect.”, was to contribute to the awareness rise of journalists about current issues of the European Union as well as its actual functioning, as mediators of information provided to the public. The aim was also to provide them with a possibility to discuss those issues with experts from different fields. This might enhance their professional way of verbalization and increase proficiency and “terminological accuracy” of the provided information.

The seminar was divided into a number of interesting panels and speakers were individuals active at European, national and regional level. An example could be the member of European Parliament Vladimír Maňka, the head of the EC Representation in Slovakia Dušan Chrenek, the director of one of the branches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic Juraj Tomáš, the Sberbank chief analyst Vladimír Vaňo or the director of the Economic Policy Institute – Igor Kiss.

The first part of the seminar was devoted to a short historical overview of the European Union establishment and the character of its individual institutions in order to point out occasional inaccurate labeling of some of the EU institutions, respectively their substitutions (eg the European Council, the Council of the European Union, Council of Europe). After this part, issues regarding EU funds and budgetary policy of the Slovak Republic followed. Within the final part of the seminar various aspects of the economic crisis were presented. Individual experts pointed out the theoretical and practical reasons of its creation, as well as the consequences and possible solutions of this unfavorable situation in Europe.

The theoretical part of the seminar was closed with the demonstration of how the EU funds are used in practice. The real example was the excursion to the renovated town – Levoča, where the representatives of the city, beside a professional guide of the main city monuments and the main square, warmly welcomed all the participants

At this seminar, The European dialogue of perspective attitude was represented by Eva Cangárová and Katarína Adamcová. The event was evaluated very positively since it was a great source of interesting topics for new articles.

Eva Cangárová and Katarína Adamcová with Vladimír Maňka, the member of European Parliament.

Eva Cangárová and Katarína Adamcová with Dušan Chrenek, the head of the EC Representation in Slovakia

Eva Cangárová and Katarína Adamcová