Lucia Loposová was elected a President of European Chapter of Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA)

European Chapter of Erasmus Mundus Association is the biggest among the associations and it has up to 2000 members. Most of the events and activities of EMA are taking place in Europe, therefore to be the head of this section is a great challenge for Lucia Loposová that also brings a lot of decision making concerning budget and planning activities.

Her main task will be to prepare, together with the Executive Board, the aims and the strategy of the futher development of the student Erasmus Mundus network in Europe, as well as to ensure that the targets meet the deadlines before the end of the mandate. Following executive period will also bring some changes. During the last general assembley the members of EMA decided they want to change the association into an official institution which will bring many new things on the table.

“I am glad to have few very capable people elected with me into the Executive Board, people that I share opinions about the further development of EMA in Europe with. I am sure they will hold my back and that together we will create few successful projects in the next two years. We share an opinion that the European section haven’t had a clear vision until now, as well as we see creating of stronger European community as our priority.” Miss. Loposova added.

As a President Miss. Loposová wants to pay particular attention to building a reputation of Erasmus Mundus in Europe as well as creation of partnerships with other students and youth organizations and active networking within the community.

Elections for Executive Board of EMA sections

Elections for Executive Board of EMA sections are taking place every two years and since the previous term of the Executive Board ended in June 2013 the recruitment and the actual elections took place after this year’s EMA general assembley at the beginning of this June.

Miss. Loposová mentioned that before her participation on the general assembley in Barcelona she only caught information about the upcoming elections and the free president position. The position caught her attention as she has been very active within the association and it was her time to take another step. At the moment Miss. Loposová lives in Singapour so initially she decided not to run for the position.

“I changed my mind during the general assembley and a personal encounter with the former Executive Board and other EMA members who expressed their support and motivated me to candidate.” said Miss. Loposová.

Miroslav Hajnoš

Photo: ESN Slovakia