Slovak students would choose Banska Bystrica for European Youth Capital 2017!

European Youth Capital is a prestigious title awarded for a period of a calendar year during which the winner will have the opportunity to present to the European society their cultural, social, sporting and other activities concerning young people We made a small survey in April to see if there is interest in Slovakia for one of our cities in Slovakia to become the European Youth Capital 2017.

The survey had 244 respondents. In the following lines I would like to demonstrate the results of our survey.

Should Slovakia get a part in the competiotion of European Youth City 2017? Out of 244 respondents, only 3 were against.

Respondents reacted as followed:

YES: “There is a lot of active young people in Slovakia who are motivated to join various projects. They have their own, specific opinions which they believe in and which they are willing to discuss and promote among other young people. Therefore I think even our youngsters in our small Slovakia should get a chance to show up to the world in all the spheres.

NO: “Unfortunately I think we are so lazy that I doubt any positive outcome. I, myself as a member of several organizations and an organizor of various seminars have to say that the presence of our youth on these events is rather scant! “

We can confirm that most of the respondents were students: 193 out of 244. On the other hand, more than a half of the respondents were female.

In our survey we found out that the students and youth from Banská Bystrica should apply for the title of European Youth Capital 2017 as they recieved exactly 62 recommendations from our respondents. Followed by Nitra with 24 recommendations, Bratislava with 23, Trenčín with 22 and also Košice with 20 recommendations.

We would like to thank everybody who participated in our survey and in next few weeks we will send letters to the presidents of the Youth Parliament and the University Parliament in Banská Bystrica in which we will encourage them to join the competition of European Youth Capital 2017.

Miroslav Hajnoš