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How the EU Solidarity Fund participates in natural disasters …

Currently suffering the countries of Central Europe floods which troubled Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia. Media every day and hour by hour provides information about the current situation. In a number of different agencies and online media, distorting news came out yesterday about the EU Solidarity Fund, as regards aid for floods in Central Europe. Expressed doubts about its ability to provide the necessary resources that State.

”Latvia ready to adopt Euro” says the European Commission

European Commision says, that Latvia has reached high level of sustainable economic alignment comparable with the rest of the Eurozone; and the Council of the European Union has decided on Latvia’s adopting the Euro on 1st January 2014.

Másová: Why is Turkey protesting because of a park?

People in Istanbul have been protesting against a decision to redevelop Taksim Gezi park, where it had been planned to build replicas of the military barracks from Ottoman Empire and a shopping mall.

European Dialogue determined to collect 10,000 signatures for Fraternité 2020

Members of the European dialogue of perspective attitude have decided to promote and support the European Citizens’ Initiative Fraternité 2020! The European Citizens’ Initiative is an instrument of direct democracy, introduced by the Lisbon Treaty.

Young people say no to residence notice duty of citizens of slovak republic

After the amendment of the statute that regulates residence notice and registration of the citizens has entered into the force, the acute discussion were enraptured enter the population of the Slovak republic. The amendment settled the notification duty of the citizens in case they plan to travel abroad for more than 90 days.

The Council of Europe is already 64 years old!

By signing the London Treaty on 5th May 1949 was founded the international regional organisation protecting human rights: the Council of Europe. In the beginning, there were 10 founding countries but now, there are 47 participating states across the whole Europe!

It’s our Europe. Let’s get active!

The year 2013 is the year of the European Citizenship. This theme was also dealt on the conference organised by the Office of the European Ombudsman held in the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels on the 23rd April 2013, which we attended.

Are the Slovaks interested enough in what is happening in the European Union?

In December 2012, we did a survey and received more than 2,200 responses. One of the questions was: Do you think that national media inform the public adequately on issues connected to European affairs? In fact, 1660 of respondents (that amounts to 75 percent) have found the information provided as inadequate. Therefore, I decided to find out where the problem is, why do a lot of Slovaks think they have insufficient information about the EU. Is it really the media or a lack of interest and indifference of people?

Is possible to achieve one million signatures of EU citizens – an initial requirement for the usage of the European Citizens’ Initiative

Many people think they cannot influence public affairs and direction of European policy. Are you wondering how you can affect happenings in the EU? Did you know about the ECI? Even looking at its name one can tell it concerns the initiatives of the citizens living in Europe. Through this so-called civil tool we can call on the European Commission to submit a legislative proposal in an area where the EU has legislative powers.