Team-building European Weekend of JEF Slovakia

Summer team-building event of JEF Slovakia called EUROPEAN WEEKEND took place in September, 16-18, 2013, in Pezinská Baba, near the capital, Bratislava. Not only JEF-ers but also new potential members participated, who have already become new members of our organization. During the weekend, workshops and debates were held, new activities discussed as well as plenty of tem-building activities done.

During the Friday evening we were discussing future functioning of JEF Slovakia and next activities. IV. Congress of JEF Slovakia was held on Saturday, when two additional board members were elected in order to complete two missing posts in JEF Slovakia board:

  • Dominika Dudášová, Secretary General of JEF Slovakia
  • Veronika Sučanská, Vice-President for seminars and Grants of JEF Slovakia.

In the afternoon, workshops (international, marketing and financial) were held, where participants had opportunity to focus on specific topic and discuss it in detail. As JEF Slovakia is open to cooperation in order to reach its goals, members of Paneuropean Youth in Slovakia (youth organisation interested in EU) were invited to join us and future cooperation was discussed. Updating of our statues was another task to do in order to be more flexible and effective.
The last but not least, the cooperation with local section JEF Munster from Germany was discussed and organising of common exchange project was launched.

To conclude, after this great team-building weekend, members of JEF Slovakia are motivated to work hard on our future goals.

Lenka Jančová