Team eD had the first official meeting in Bratislava

Members of the European dialogue prospective attitude officially opened the first general meeting eD, which took over the important issues of the functioning of the team, and especially its future.

On Saturday 11 May 2013 has officially opened the meeting, which took place in a very relaxed atmosphere in circle of young people. Among the most fundamental and the most interesting points were the election of the Board of directors, control and editorial board.

Chairman was the founder of eD – Miroslav Hajnoš and became Vice Žofia Jakubová, currently operating in Strasbourg. Our Secretary for Financial Affairs is Miroslav Janek, secretary for public relations Eva Cangárová Secretariat took Katka Adamcová.

And that’s not all! From now we will work more efficiently and more specifically, since we were divided into working groups focused on a specific area related to the EU. E-magazine or our website will not be depleted in any of the interesting topics, on the contrary, you will have a chance to soak up a lot of information on economics, law, IT, education and culture, or to get information about EU policies and institutions.

Part of the General Assembly were workshops, where we split into groups and worked on the preparation and presentation of thematic speeches. A very important part was preparing strategy for eD and its application to European, national and local level.

Intersting workshop was by lecture Lukáš Okál and Miroslav Hajnoš who approached us functioning social networks like facebook and twitter and explain the principles of the use and behavior on these channels of communication, which uses much of European organizations and institutions.

Regular informing you, readers and supporters about what is happening in the EU, one of the main objectives eD, which we will continue to hold so still prepare fresh and interesting topics for young people.

Anna Ragančíková