Dear readers,

Many of you have been studying abroad thought Erasmus program and many of you are maybe planning to go. There are no doubts about the popularity of this exchange program. You become familiar how the studies on university in a different country work, you gain new knowledge and broaden your horizons. The initiative Fraternité 2020 work in favor of Erasmus program, so more and more of you can experience it.

The MEP Mr. Miroslav Mikolasik recommends to go on mobilies or doing an internship in European institutions. He is being acknowledged for his expertise in the field of bioethics. The field that takes care also for the humane side of science and research.

Being human means to adhere human rights. Violant suppression of calm protests, police repression, the limiting of freedom of speech and access to information became a spark in the fire for the fight for a more democratic country. Turkish media thought the protests became center of attention for their failure in their fundamental role of providing information. Many times the reason for this failure of media is their unfreedom. Monitoring in the member states of EU will focus on eliminating this negative sides. Croatia will became the new member state from 1. of july. The entry will not only bring ,,the slovak sea closer, but will mainly become a new chapter for the country.

In the fourth issue of our magazine we are bringing you articles from various fields and that is why we hope you will find the content interesting and maybe it will even inspire you to become a part of our team.

Sabina Masová