Dear readers,

We bring to you our third issue of the magazine, where you can find out an actual and we hope interesting informations for you from European Union.

The last month was very important an full of expectations. During second weekend of may, our team had the first Board meeting in Bratislava. We tackled our common goals and acitivities of European dialogue in the future. Many of us met each other for the first time and unformal meetings were good oportunities to get know each other, what we believe will help to improve our team –work. The weekend before, there was Charlemagne Youth Prize ceremony in Aachen University. In a competition of 26 other projects our wasn’t awarded, despite of we consider participation in the competition as successful. It gave to us a new motivation and inspiration for future work.

We hope, you will find really good articles in this issue, which will interest you. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, which help to increase our quality, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a nice reading and if you like our activities, please visit our website and read daily actual articles, interviews and opportunities for your educational and career development.

David Hluško