Dear readers,

profile_hajnosWe are very pleased that our online magazine “European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude” reached to you. At the very beginning I would like to answer the following question: “Why did young people decide to write about EU?”

We are aware that at the moment we are going through the economic crisis, or the crisis of confidence. These however, are not the first crisis of Europe since the WWII. Each crisis serve as a signal for us to slow down, evaluate our success or failure and to go on with more strenght wisely and with more energy. I believe, that the EU project is a project of peace and our common future. We want to show Slovakia that our generation is not the lost generation as claimed by many. Precisely because we care about our common future and the future of Europe we have decided to create this monthly magazine that will contain articles explaining the happening in this area. All published articles are written by young people in the age from 18 to 26 who devoted their time and energy volutarely to this mission.

We are more than interested to continue in this activity, but without you – the readers this would not make any sense. Therefore we would like to ask you to: Read carefully, talk about us to your friends, share our articles and give us your feedback. Because if you read what we want to say, we would be more than happy to write more and more for you. Each and every reader is very important for us. We believe that we can make a difference! We want to change our generation to the generation of the future. Will we succeed?

We have already taken the first step, what about you?

Miroslav Hajnoš