The Trencin discussion about mobilities and internships

October 30, 2013. Vysoká škola manažmentu in Trenčín hosted a discussion on the topic of ‘Mobilities and internships’. Guest speakers Miroslav Hajnoš, founder of the online magazine European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude, and Gabika Urbanová, ambasador for EU Careers, provided students with a guide on why and how to attend mobilities and interships, which organizations offer grants and what are the latest news in Erasmus plus.

We asked Miroslav Hajnoš what is the biggest impact of mobilities on students. ‘The great added value of mobilities is the acquisition of self confidence, self growth and the understanding of the European solidarity at work’.

Gabika Urbanová spoke mostly about internships in european structures, where and how to apply, but also about life long carrers in the European Union.

The speakers encouraged students to travel abroad, to believe in themselves, in their experience and skills that can help them in ‘opening the doors into the world’. Apache Entertainment and City University Students’ Parliament would like to thank the speakers for accepting the invitation.




Martina Jurčáková