Your Europe, Your Say 2014

Act, react, impact – this is the slogan of the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, which will take place in the first half of the next year. The European Economic and Social Committee has decided to bring along the same lines the topic of the European Parliament elections closer to the teenagers who are not old enough to vote, but who would like to express their opinion or get more information on the European politics, all this by way of the event Your Europe, Your Say 2014.

How exactly does this event look? The European Economic and Social Committee will pick at random one school from every member state, from which four representatives (three students and their teacher) will participate on the discussion from 26-28 March 2014 in the EU capital Brussels. The students will get the possibility to meet like-minded students, talk to political leaders and exchange their views. The organizers will prepare for you a real-life debate, where you can negotiate and agree on a resolution that could leave an impression on Europe. The workshops will take place on Thursday 27 March 2014 in Brussels.

Have you become interested and thinking how to apply? It is easy! Just convince your teacher to fill in the online registration form before November 30 (midnight Brussels time).Accommodation (two nights) and travel expenses are fully covered (except for the domestic transport).

More information and the registration form HERE.

Good luck!

Zuzana Križanová