Migration and Diversity public discussion

The Embassy of Canada, in cooperation with its partners, is pleased to invite you to a public discussion on Migration and Diversity, on 15 November at 10h30 in the Aula Hall of University of Economics.

With the following speakers: Doug Saunders, an International Affairs expert and journalist for Canada’s national newspaper “The Globe & Mail”. Doug is an expert on Migration and Diversity and will explain why Canada welcomes 250,000 new immigrants each year: 20% of Canadians were born outside of Canada, the highest proportion among G8 countries! Canadian Tom Nicholson has made Slovakia his home but wants to share Canada’s experience with multiculturalism. Zuzana Vatralova from the International Organization for Migration will talk about foreigners living in Slovakia, how they are perceived and what challenges they are facing. Slovakia’s Interior Ministry will join the panel to discuss Slovak policies on migration.

What do you think? Join us for this panel discussion and share your views with Doug, Tom, Slovak officials and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Facebook Event HERE.

Janka Gasperová